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Bad > Good?

2008-11-01 21:44:13 by Thomas724

It seems my lesser effort flashes have made it onto NG. WHile my major project maze style game involving Chuck Norris was blammed. I don't know how this came to be, it just seems the people prefer my worse flashes over my better ones.

The title includes a formula discribing this post.


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2008-11-01 21:51:53

The Chuck Norris game was bad, and you know it.

Don't tell me it was a major project, you only took a few days to make it.

Also, maybe you thought it was good when you first made it, but look back on it... It's rubbish.


2008-12-10 15:58:31

I haven't seen the game, but knowing about your Chuck Norris facts, it probably did suck.

BTW, I know who you are. I tried to stick a pencil in your ear.


2009-02-18 16:40:27

OMG IT'S CAPEMAN!!!!! CAPEMAN!!!!! HE'S GOT A NICE CAPE!!!!! (in song. =P)


2009-02-23 16:09:58

Het Thomas I found your NG account just thought II'd say hi